Depression Vs Bipolar Quiz

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Depression Vs Bipolar Quiz. This isn’t the same as unipolar depression, that generally does not have any fundamental biological cause.

What is a bipolar disorder or manic depression?

Bipolar disorder is different from a standard depression because of its bipolar nature. Bipolar means that in 1 stage, you are depressed and down, and in a different stage, you are coming out of this depression and become quite euphoric all of the sudden.

During the euphoric stage, also called bipolar, you risk to take irrealistic or harmful decisions. The majority of the decisions need to do with your financing.

As a result of euphoric feeling in the manic phase, you feel you can manage everything and risk to invest more money than possible. If you are not careful, you make so many debts that you can not pay them off anymore, which leads to more depression.

Depression Vs Bipolar Quiz

An example of bipolar disorder or depression

1 day an entrepreneur, owner of a sole trader, came home and told his wife that he had good news: he believed his lone trade could grow extremely fast and had just signed a contract to buy 18 trucks.

The spouse panicked because she understood that she’d be in debt for the rest of her life. Juridically, you can not do anything about it if somebody has signed an agreement. This example illustrates the devastating consequences that euphoric feelings through a manic phase can cause.

How do you recognize a bipolar disorder or manic depression

  • Intense mood swings moving from feeling down from one minute to another. This is the primary sign of bipolar disorder or depression
  • The present of this disease with genetic family members is a powerful indicator
  • Financial debts are often a hidden sign of bipolar disorder or depression
  • During a manic phase, you promise things that you can not live up to
  • During manic periods, you can not sleep and stay up late, you even have the impression that you need few or no sleep at all
  • After a manic period, the individual collaps and drifts to a depression

Antidepressant? Treatment or treatment of bipolar disorder

A bipolar disorder or manic depression has to be treated with drugs in the first location. The best is that you consult with a psychiatrist, that has expertise in upgrading antidepressant medication because this is the work of a professional.

The thing is that the dosation has to be followed precise because a minimal dosation does not work and a high dosation is poisonous because of our nervous system. The line between a therapeutic dose and a dose that is hazardous is thin and has to be followed-up by a professional.

Fortunately, most people with depression do not have a manic depression or bipolar depression and there are plenty of different ways to deal with the depression, such as using the internet self-help program 15Minutes4Me.

Treating bipolar disorder using the internet self-help program?

Can you treat a bipolar disorder using the internet self-help program? The solution is nuanced. Yes, if you take your prescribed drugs right and a psychiatrist follows up you.

In cases like this, the program may be a fantastic supplement to deal with your mood swings. It is important to point out that a genuine bipolar disorder needs medical therapy.

Treating normal depression using the internet self-help program?

For plenty of people who have little mood swings but do not get the diagnose of bipolar depression, the internet self-help program is a fantastic treatment. For them, medication often is not needed and typically they could follow the application without an antidepressant. The majority of these individuals don’t require a professional to follow them up but may be followed up by their family doctor.

The way to test if you are depressed?

Take the free online depression test here to see if you’re depressed.

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